IK9F The International K9 Foundation
Certified & Professional Dog Obedience Training and Breeding Services. Breeding family home protection Belgian
Malinois Dutch Shepherd Puppies.
Specializing in Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience training,Dog Obedience training classes,Behavior Problems,K9
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Next Up coming Litter
Belgian Malinois Dutch Shepherds
Breeding Family Oriented In Home Protection Dogs.
KNPV Pedigreed imports from Holland.
Over 20 years of experience has gone into the careful
selection and breeding of dogs best suited for Family Home
Don't be fooled by imitations.
Breeding family home protection dogs and puppies for sale. German shepherds for sale, puppies for sale in
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Breeding family home protection dogs and puppies for sale. German shepherds for sale, puppies for sale in
Mississippi, Belgian Malanois Dutch Shepherd puppies for sale. German shepherds for sale in MS. Ms
German shepherd puppies for sale, breeders in Ms, dogs for sale in MS. Protection dogs for sale in MS, dog
breeders in Ms. German shepherds for sale in Hattiesburg MS, Natchez MS. German shepherd breeder in
Jackson MS. Family home protection dogs for sale in MS, ik9f puppies for sale. Basic and advanced
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Puppies. Breeders in Mississippi, MS Breeders. Kennels in MS. Puppies for sale by IK9F. We have dutch
shepherds for sale. German Shepherds for sale in MS.
I stand behind each and
everyone of my puppies.
All puppies are Guaranteed
for health and working
ability. These Puppies are
Bred for Inside the House,
Family Home Protection.
New Puppy owners receive
24/7 support, advice and
guidance along with New
Owner orientation.
New Puppy Owners
receive Eukanuba puppy
starter kits and discounted
Once the bonding period
is completed and the
puppies are old enough,
owners are invited back for
continued training.
These Puppies are great
for working dogs or
family pets.
Special thanks to
Laura Miller, Owner of
Jock and Abita.
Also Rob Hillebert of
Land of OZ
Policies and Procedures

If you are interested in a puppy that is listed as ALREADY BORN on the Puppies For Sale page, then you submit a Holding Deposit.
That Holding Deposit is for that specific litter and sex of puppy. The Holding Deposit is $800, and is NON REFUNDABLE unless for
un-foreseen reasons the puppy is not available as promised. The Holding Deposit is credited towards the purchase if you complete the
purchase and buy the reserved puppy.
If you are interested in a puppy in the future, that is NOT YET BORN, then you may wish to join the Puppy List. People list what sex
they will want when they are ready to buy a puppy. The Priority List is for people that know they want one of my puppies, but must wait
for a future litter. There is a $100 fee to join the Puppy List. It is credited towards the Holding Deposit when you actually choose to
reserve a puppy from a particular litter.
No puppy is reserved until I actually RECEIVE the Holding Deposit.
I do not sell a puppy to every person that wants one of my Rare, Family Home Protection Dogs. Not everyone is really ready to own a
dog, much less a Protection breed. I want my puppies in happy 'forever' homes, so I will have questions to ask you before I accept any
money from you. Buying a puppy should be a well thought out decision, not done on the spur of the moment. I maintain Happy working
relationship with my clients; providing advice, guidance, support and substantially discounted training while monitoring the overall
condition of my dogs.


Payments are too made out to Jeff McCall, 2162 Hwy 98sw, Summit MS 39666. Wire transfers western union, certified check, cashier’s
check, cash, mail, UPS, Fedx or credit card using Square. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure I receive payment. I am not
responsible for issues or problems while using any of these methods.
Guarantees:  Our puppies are sold with a written limited guarantee regarding hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, contagious disease, and any
serious (life threatening) hereditary or congenital defect. All my puppies are screened and treated by a practicing veterinarian before they
leave. Guaranteed working dogs and working ability. Professional training is recommended. Socialization, how you raise your puppy, how
you handle your puppy and how you treat your puppy directly affect the dog your puppy will become.


This the medical protocol performed by a licensed practicing veterinarian.  Puppies are checked and dewormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks.
Puppies at 6-8 weeks Canine distemper-measles-parainfluenza CPI Parvovirus. Puppies at 8-12 weeks DHLPP CAV-2 and Rabies.  Dew
claws and Chipped. New puppy owners receive a copy of all medical treatments performed.  It’s recommended that you take your new
puppy to your veterinarian along with the medical records within 36 hours of picking your puppy up. We guarantee against viral or
bacterial infections for up to 21 days. It is important that your puppy see a vet within 36 hours of picking them up.
Genetics: Our puppies are sold with a limited guarantee regarding hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, contagious disease, and any serious (life
threatening) hereditary or congenital defect for up to 2 years. All my puppies are screened and treated by a practicing veterinarian before
they leave.

Working Ability:

Good ball drive, Pray drive, hunt and search drive. My dogs are Stable with good temperament, natural protective instinct with the
natural working ability for protection training. Professional training is recommended. Though these dogs have been bred specifically for
family oriented, easy handling with natural protective instincts, actually protection training is required for a finished product. These dogs
have all the drive, working ability and instincts to complete such training.
It is important to understand that the way you raise your puppy directly affects the dog they will become. Socialization is essential to the
dogs’ development. The puppy should be taken to new places, introduced to new people and new situations.  However, owners must be
careful when exposing new born puppies to virus and bacterial prone areas.

Guarantee Policy and Procedure:

I offer one of the most extensive guarantees you can find. I stand behind each and everyone of my dogs.

We exercise a None refund policy and work on an exchange policy.  All dogs are guaranteed but should there a problem ik9f will do
everything in its power to rectify to problem. In order for a dog to be replaced on medical grounds; the dog must be evaluated by the
owner’s veterinarian providing documentation which will then be reviewed by my veterinarian. The veterinarian I use is the same
veterinarian that cared for the puppies. A determination will be made as to whether this is a problem with the Dog overall or a problem
with handling and care.
It is important to note that during this process if I find laps in scheduled care recommended by a veterinarian then the guarantee is void.
This simply means you must take your dog to the vet for regular checkups or as proscribed by a veterinarian.
If it is determined to be a genetic problem directly affecting the dogs working ability and performance, then the dog will be replaced from
the next available litter or whenever possible. Because I am not a PUPPY MILL, I only have 1-2 litters per year. If it is determined to be
a viral or bacterial issue; then my veterinarian will determine the incubation period to further narrow down the time of exposure. If it is
determined that the puppy was exposed or infected while in my care then all medical bills will be paid.  Again, this is why it is important
that new puppy owners see a vet within 36 hours of purchase then follow your veterinarians’ proscribed scheduled visits.
Once the problem is determined the customer will be offered a replacement. If the client decides to keep the original dog in addition to
receiving a replacement dog, the original dog must be spayed or neutered and not allowed to reproduce.
What makes The International K9 Foundation Different from all the rest?
What makes our Puppies Different?
I have a successful training and boarding business, so why even bother to breed my line of dogs?
These are all good question and important questions.
After a long and fulfilling dog training career that has taken me all over the world, I settled in Mississippi and opened The
International K9 Foundation. Offering obedience, protection and boarding services to all dog owners. Over the years I’ve
trained and helped countless dog owners.
Over the last few years I started to notice a disturbing trend in violent crime, while more and more of clients were bringing
me family pets to be trained in protection work as result. Unfortunately the majority of these dogs just couldn’t do it; they
just didn’t have the characteristics needed for this level of training.  As I explained to my clients; just because you pay
$500.00 for an AKC German Shepherd doesn’t mean you have a good one or one that has all the characteristics need.
Over the years the German shepherd has been dominated by back-yard breeders and as a result you are left with something
that merely looks like a German shepherd.  Many of my clients were left high and dry by the Breeder after they purchased
their dog.
I also saw my clients struggle when they had too much dog for what they needed, like a pure Belgian Malinois. A dog
primarily used for military working dogs. It’s a great working dog but at times can be too much for regular person to
handle. Some Breeders have actually started to water down the Malainois line by breeding to inferior blood lines. As a
result, what you really have is something that looks like a Malainois….that’s all.
Seeing a need for family home protection dogs, I established a breeding program breeding my own line. The goal is
simple; produce a quality dog that has all the characteristics needed for inside the home family protection, great working
ability and drive but easy to handle.  With having almost 20 years of dog training experience including Military working
dogs, Police K9’s and regular every day pets I knew exactly where start. I imported Dutch Shepherds from Holland, from
kennels known for producing fine KNPV dogs. Each one of my females has an impressive KNPV pedigree, perfectly
suited for my program. The Sire is a Belgian Malinois with an equally impressive pedigree; nothing short of a man stopper
with zero fear coming from an old and ancient blood line, a blood line that’s all but extinct.
To establish my program I’ve crossed my Malinois line with my Dutch Shepherd line. This is not unheard of in Holland.
In fact, during WWI and WWII the Dutch Shepherd was almost extinct and the Malinois was used to supplement the
blood line. The significance of using KNPV lines is simple the significance of KNPV itself. Out of all the dog sports in
Europe, KNPV is the hardest and most grueling of all. Such a competition requires mental toughness, stability, fearlessness
and trainability.
Now the line is established let’s talk about what to expect when purchasing one of my puppies. New puppy owners receive
Puppy orientation; a One on One session where we talk about teething, puppy biting, housebreaking, diet and everything
you need to know. New clients continue to get One on One support, advice and guidance for the life of the dog.  Because
you have purchased one of my dogs, you will receive discounted training…..on all training. Typically I don't accept dogs
for training until they are at least 5 months or older. Some training requires the dog to be even older or fully matured,
such as completed Personal Protection training. Usually dogs have to be evaluated to see if they can even do this type of
training; the difference is all my dogs are guaranteed. By the time New Puppy owners have reached 5 months of age with
their puppies, the puppies are now ready to start training after successfully completing the bonding period with their
owners.  When the puppies come back for training, it’s at a substantial discount to the owner. I make no profit on this
training, making only enough to cover expense for housing the dog during the training period; and in some cases training
is discounted up to 80%. Again, the difference is my dogs are guaranteed.
So…I think the difference is obvious.  Not only are my dogs guaranteed, they come with the most extensive medical
screening and guarantee you can get. All screenings, deworming, vaccinations, Microchips and procedures are done by a
licensed veterinarian.  My dogs are born and whelped inside my home receiving 24/7 around the clock care and
supervision. I only produce 1-2 liters per year.  Again, I say to you…the difference is clear.

(Dhr. A.W.J. Kleine Schaars, Zwolle, NHSB 2155264)
and CASSEY RAISING STAR daughter of
The DAM INCA: BRN 19694. Dhr. IK9f’s Inca Hollandse Herder Female.
Daughter of BRN 14951 Kwinto (Dhr. T. van der Doelen, Velp) x Mechelse Herder Male
Daughter of BRN 11494|Elza (Dhr. P. Vos, Zieuwent)x Hollandse Herder Female
Belgin Malinois Dutch Shepherds for sale in MS shipping availible.
Puppies working Prey Drive and Bite Development.
Puppies are 7 1/2 weeks when video was done. Prey drive and
socilaization continues.
The older they get, more training will be done and the price will go up.
Robert Hillebert posted to Jeff McCall:
October 16:
Thanks for shipping me such a wonderful pup
Jeff He is a little monster not the cuddling type
if the rest of the litter is like him they will
definitely need JOBS you hit this one out of the
park keep up the good work. By the way we
played tug for quite a while today in front of the
leaf blower his nerves are Solid could care less
that it was even there. Thanks again sky's the
limit for this one.
Hello Jeff,
So kind of you thinking of 'Zeus' & me,
you are a very caring & thoughtful
person. I have to say that never in my life
have I met a 'Breeder' so professional
and knowledgable that loves and
devotes so much time with each and
EVERY 'Puppy' developing their genitive
skills as well as each ones unique
personalities making them a  huge 'Cut'
Above any other 'Breeder' of these
extremely intelligent,devoted
Puppies from INCA and Bores, Litter from
July 18 2013.
APPA & BORES Puppies Born March 13th, 2014.
Up Coming: BORES & INCA
Green: Large
Brindle female.
IK9F's Hestia:
Purple: Large Black
IK9F's Odin,
Large Brindle female
Blue: A large Black Male.
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