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A must Read before getting that New Puppy or Dog!!

Master Trainer and award winning Author of the new book, The Right Dog for Me.
How to select the right dog or puppy, how to raise a puppy including
housebreaking and bad habits.
What do I need to ask the Breeder? What about show dogs, titled dogs and
working dog?
A must read before getting that new puppy or dog.
Easy to read and understand, No fluff…Just the facts.
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Examiner Columnist; Master Trainer and Author Jeff McCall.
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This level of obedience training helps to make the dog easily controllable, mannerly,  and fun to
walk on a leash.  Daisy is making the best of things at the shelter, doing better than ever with her
walking and obedience work, but she is ready to meet her forever family and go home.  Dog trainer
Jeff McCall of Summit, MS, who gave Daisy her Level I Obedience training, is donating a
complimentary lesson to her new owner(s) if they would like a little extra help to get them started on
the right foot with her.  To schedule a private appointment to see Daisy, contact
natchezpetadoptions@gmail.com or call Kathy Fitch at (601)303-0672.
The International K9 Foundation
Professional & Certified Dog Training Services & BREEDING.
Services to choose from including Boarding and Grooming.
Jeff McCall,Summit, Mississippi.
The International K9 Foundation
Certified & Professional Dog Training & BREEDING Family Home Protection Dogs. Breeding
Belgian Malinios Dutch Shepherd Puppies.
Specializing in Service Dog Training and Certification, Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience
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training,Problem solving,Puppy Training,Housebreaking,Dog Training,Serving Dog Trainers
in Mississippi,Dog Training Jackson, Ms, Natchez, Ms, and Hattiesburg Ms. We have indoor
Kennels with 24/7 service. We have Grooming,Boarding,Dog behavior problems,Dog
obedience Problems. All types of
Obedience training for dogs, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience dog training, Dog
training Tips, Dog Obedience training classes, Housebreaking your dog, Puppy training, dog
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obedience training in Hattiesburg Mississippi, dog trainer in Gulfport Mississippi, dog
obedience training in Biloxi Mississippi, Boarding Kennels and Grooming. I do dog training
for all types of dogs and dog breeds. I do all types of training. German Shepherd puppies for
sale. Puppies for sale.
Professional & Certified Dog Training and Breeding
Basic & Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification and
Problem Solving.  We have many Services to choose from
including Boarding. Jeff McCall,Summit, Mississippi.
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