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A must Read before getting that New Puppy or Dog!!
Master Trainer and award winning Author of the new book, The Right Dog for Me.
How to select the right dog or puppy, how to raise a puppy including housebreaking and
bad habits.
What do I need to ask the Breeder? What about show dogs, titled dogs and working dog?
A must read before getting that new puppy or dog.
Easy to read and understand, No fluff…Just the facts.
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Now you can Skype with the TRAINER !!
Bring a Professional Dog Trainer right into your own Home.
Using Skpye, you can video chat with a Professional Dog Trainer. This allows the Trainer
to see your dog while describing any behavioral issues you might be having. This also
allows you to see the Trainer while he's explaining, demonstrates or describes ways to
correct behavior.
MUST HAVE for dog owners. Train your Dog with ME, How to train your Dog.
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How it Works: SKYPE to SKYPE is FREE. These days most Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops come
with MicroSofts App SKYPE or you can Download it for Free. Micrsoft requires you register and create a Password for
all of your Microsoft accounts, once this is done you will use the same password to access the Skype app. You'll then to
create a Skype Profile and username.
When purchasing a Skype session, You'll need to Provide me with your Username so I can Add you to
Skype Contact. This is done in Paypal at the time of Purchase, Paypal will ask for contact information and allow you to
send me a message. In the message provide your Name and Cell number. I'll contact you vie phone to arrange our
Skype session and Text you the Skype Link.
Skype session: usually run No More than 40 minutes; and maybe followed up with a phone call. When
experiencing weather or technical difficulty, Skype sessions will be rescheduled.

DVD - Train Your Dog With ME: An Instructional Dog Training Video
Grab your dog and follow me, just like thousands of Dog Owners before you. Follow along step-by-step and learn how
to train your dog. So simple, so easy, even a 13 year old can do it and Did.
$45.99 Limited Time Only
An instructional dog training video using
training sessions as owners learn to train
their own dogs. Follow your favorite team
as they progress through each training
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Professional & Certified Dog Training and Breeding Services.
Basic & Advanced Obedience, Service Dog Training, Behavior Modification
and Problem Solving.  We have many Services to choose from including
Boarding. Jeff McCall,Summit, Mississippi.
DVD - Train your own Dog, Its Easy...Just follow along with me.
The International K9 Foundation
Certified & Professional Dog Training
Specializing in Service Dog Training and Certification, Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience
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